Karabournaki was created after the Asia Minor catastrophe of 1922, as families of refugees from Asia Minor settled there. Its first name, Nea Tuzla, was taken from Tuzla in Asia Minor. Later it was named Karabournaki or “Little Karabournou” which means “Little Piston”. Today it is a district of the city bordered by places of great natural beauty, such as the former Kodra camp and the sea coastline, but also by several points of interest. Its main axes are Kapetan Goni Street, Grigoriou Kydonion Street and Sofouli Street.


Deputy Mayor for Tourism Culture & International Relations

Komninon 60, 55132

Kalamaria, Thessaloniki

Tel: 2313 314 570, -577

email: tourismos@kalamaria.gr


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