Disinfectant Station

In the period 1922-1924, more than 270,000 refugees from the Caucasus and southern Russia, especially from Kars, arrived in Thessaloniki.
Most of the refugees who settled in Macedonia were transported by ships, and for the great majority of them, the first place of disembarkation was Thessaloniki. In the first days, refugees disembarked at the port of Thessaloniki and sought accommodation in the city center, in houses, hotels, squares, streets, markets, churches and other public places.

Soon, the port and the center became inseparable, which made the authorities choose Kalamaria as a disembarkation point, where there was plenty of free space, rudimentary housing infrastructure and also rudimentary infrastructure for the disinfection and isolation of refugees and the prevention of disease transmission in the city.
The Public Sanitarium or Disinfectant was the first place of reception, as soon as the refugees disembarked from the boat. The fact that at that time the typhus was on the rise, motivated the gathering of all these residents in the area of Kalamaria, where there was plenty of free space, and rudimentary housing.


Deputy Mayor for Tourism Culture & International Relations

Komninon 60, 55132

Kalamaria, Thessaloniki

Tel: 2313 314 570, -577

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