Wedding Tourism

There are numerous reasons to plan your wedding in this magnificent territory.  If you are dreaming of a wedding on the beach but still wish to be in the heart of the city, Kalamaria is the place to say “I do”. Imagine being in front of the sea, having the view of all Thessaloniki ahead. Imagine feeling like you are in an island while having all the comforts of the city. Imagine having the sunniest, brightest wedding pictures. Imagine having a summer wedding without the fuss of the heat, as you will be feeling the sea breeze throughout. Imagine having plenty of honeymoon resorts within reach and having the easiest access from/to the airport for your guests. Now, you have the place to fulfill all these imageries.

You can perform your religious wedding in one of the 11 impressive Orthodox churches of Kalamaria, among them the impressive Metropolitan Church of the Transfiguration of Jesus. For a more special and romantic ceremony choose between:

  • Chapel of Agios Georgios in Nea Krini, in the picturesque fisherman’s port
  • Church of Saints Alexander and Modestos in the peri-urban park of Kodra, for a country feel.

Furthermore, you can reach out to the restaurants of Aretsou and Nea Krini, to discuss the possibility of having both the ceremony and the reception on site.

Whatever the case, the blessings and the feelings will be genuine and lifelasting!

Contact us for assisting your plans. We will be happy to contribute.


Deputy Mayor for Tourism Culture & International Relations

Komninon 60, 55132

Kalamaria, Thessaloniki

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